To prevent the birth of unwanted cats and dogs through progressive spay/neuter and educational programs. And to place as many homeless, neglected or abused animals as possible in safe, loving, permanent homes.

  • To reduce companion pet overpopulation humanely through spay/neuter programs.
  • To provide homeless, abandoned or abused animals with shelter and care until they can be adopted into good permanent homes.
  • To preserve and protect an animal’s right to life, and where needed to elevate their quality of life to the highest level possible within the limits of our physical and financial ability.

The founding members do also resolve that PFOA will now and forever be a “no-kill” animal rescue group.  “No-kill is defined as follows:

  • No animal will be euthanized to make room for another animal.
  • Euthanasia will not be used as a means to control animal population.
  • No healthy adoptable animal will be euthanized.
  • Euthanasia will not be used to cull or dispose of animals for reason of age, gender, color, breed, minor sickness, manageable handicaps or disabilities.
  • Euthanasia will only be employed if it is in the best interest of an individual animal as determined by a qualified veterinarian and with the approval of a majority of the board of directors. (Example: an animal suffering from an incurable or terminal illness, one injured beyond medical help or if their quality of life is greatly diminished or no longer exists.)
April 2001 Amendment

To insure and preserve the original intent of the founders: the organization will be established and forever remain an independent, privately held and publicly funded animal welfare/rescue group; and will not become associated, affiliated or part of any other private, local, state or national animal rescue society or organization.


Our reverence for life has greatly determined the course, direction and policies of our organization. Individually and as a group, we will defend and uphold these policies, moral standards and principals for as long as Peninsula Friends of Animals continues to exist.