Hi everyone! How you doin’?

Wills here. Welcome to another week of Noteworthy News. My featured feline friend this week is Rocky, a super dude!. There’s a cool video at the bottom of the page for you to enjoy! So click here to read how “Rocky Rocks”!

Also, you can click on the week below (underlined) to read any of the last 12 stories. When the story pops up, there is a tiny little magnifying icon where your mouse is pointing. If you click that, it will enlarge the story so it’s easy to read without glasses! When you are done reading, just close the week tab to return to this page. For mobile users, click on the Switch Tabs box to display open tabs, then close the week tab and select this page to return.

Week 98: Sky Sisters Week 97: Second Time Around Week 96: The Best Fred Ever
Week 95: Fun Figgy Week 94: Patch’s Journey Special: Caring for Cats in Cold Weather
Week 93: A Home For Bertha Week 92: Everything … About Teeth* Week 91: The New and Improved Bubba
Week 90: Feline or Equine Week 89: Meet the Hawaiians Week 88: The Coolest Kits Ever


Enjoy Rocky’s video! (You’re gonna love it!)
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